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Em Pedestrian Door Automation

EM swing door operators, sliding door operators, account systems are of the highest standards. They are easy to set up and to configure inning accordance with your specific needs and requirements.

EM pedestrian door drivers and door closers are known as world-class security and design. They are optimal for both retrofit and new installations.

Automatic Doors Experts can mount, maintain and service automatic sliding doors, bi-folding doors, turn doors, balanced doors and telescopic doors.

Automatic door systems assist in accessibility and assist your building to abide by DDA laws.You could convert your existing swing door sets to an automatic door system. This is done without the cost of changing your existing doors.

Automatic Doors Experts install and maintain EM pedestrian door automation. Contact us to discuss your requirements on 07774608971.

The comprehensive range consists of: 

  • Industrial Doors And Docking  
  • Pedestrian Door Automation
  • High-performance Doors 
  • Operators And Entrance Automation 

There are 3 standard sorts of swing door drivers:

Full Energy 

It opens and closes the door at full speed. Full Energy operators are generally used outside doors of tool sized retail organisations.  Larger retail services like sliding door operators. 

Reduced Energy

It opens up and shuts the door at reduced speed. This is in order to restrict the kinetic energy of the moving door to levels regarded safe for handicapped individuals. Reduced energy drivers are commonly used where a straightforward door is sufficient for use. Yet it is essential to add access to disabled individuals. These are used for small businesses, apartments, shower rooms.

Power Assist

This is a variation of the Low Energy driver. It does not open the door. Instead, it allows the customer open the door by hand with a reduced force, compared to opening up versus a typical door more detailed. It shuts the door with the very same speed restrictions as a Low Energy Operator.

Entrematic's mission is to make our customers' service as successful and lucrative as possible.  Automatic Doors Experts  are suppliers and installers of bespoke Entrematic automatic doors.  We offer the best products, technological experience and the matching portfolios.

We want you to obtain the best service for your industrial doors. We work with Entrematic's products. We also offer maintenance procedure and skilled qualified professionals.