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Normstahl Industrial Doors And Docking

Entrematic is a service partner to Automatic Doors Experts in entryway automation. We provide you with our well-known European brand names, DYNACO, Normstahl, EM and Ditec, and our US brands Amarr, Serco and Kelley.

Entrematic designs and manufactures entry automation solutions. Automatic Doors Experts are part of a network of very committed and well-trained distributors and installers. Our goal is to make our clients' business as effective and lucrative as feasible.

Our items range from industrial doors and docking. We offer high-speed roll-up doors and household garage doors. We install pedestrian door automation and warehouse remedies. This covers every requirement in industry. We provide cutting-edge items, technical know-how and the portfolios of our professional brands.

Within the Entrematic group, the versatile and rigid high-speed roll-up doors are available. These are branded under the name DYNACO High-Performance Doors. Entrematic's knowledge and interest offer our consumers a competitive edge.

Automatic Doors Experts install and maintain Normstahl industrial doors and docking. Contact us to discuss yuour requirements on 07774608971.

Easy positioning

With the telescopic lip technology, the vehicle can be approached efficiently and exactly wherein the truck bed can be fully made use of. 

The loading of a truck not being placed 100% appropriately in the docking bay can be compensated by the bigger contact area of the telescopic lip. The Normstahl LT60A telescopic lip leveller is adaptable and appropriate for any kind of packing scenario.

Mechanical systems

One almost all of the system is the mechanical unit: an electric motor which drives the balancing shaft with the wire drums and torsion springs. 

It can be retrofitted to an already installed door. The mechanical system is placed directly onto the stabilising shaft. It does not require any special wall surface support.

Sorts of procedure

The Normstahl Industrial sectional doors can be opened and closed manually. They can likewise be planned for electrical operation Electrically run doors can be managed by hand or be totally automatic. Traffic regularity, climate requirements and the weight of the door play is an essential function of selecting the ideal control system.

Hand-operated operation

The Normstahl Industrial sectional doors can be run by hand with a pull-down rope. The pull-down rope is directly attached to the door leaf. For heavier doors, a chain hoist permits easier door procedure. The chain hoist is a tailored chain transmission directly attached to the shaft, for 1" shaft kinds. Advised for doors weighs approximately 400 kg.

Electric operation

The Normstahl Industrial sectional doors can be supplied or upgraded with an electrical operating system. The electric operation provides the full program of Access and Automation features.  This can fulfil lots of functional requirements. These depend on traffic type and regularity, door weight and temperature control.