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Nergeco Flexible Doors

Nergeco doors enhance traffic flow. They offer excellent insulation and deal optimal safety for all types of industries and functional needs. For outside openings, the flexible Nergeco Trekking folding technology provides wonderful wind resistance. Its numerous supports distribute equally the stress on the structure and air rigidity is guaranteed, also under wind tonnes. 

Select from different flexible densities to fit your thermal or acoustic insulation demands.

Inside your structures, Nergeco roll-up doors are ideal. They are specifically adapted to the demands of each type of profession. They are used in hefty market, agri-food processes, cold chain, retail and non-specific logistics. They are also used pharmaceutical and clean procedures.

Automatic Doors Experts install and maintain Nergeco Flexible doors. Contact us to discuss your requirements on 07774608971.

High-speed doors, swing doors, and hangar doors. Big and little. Constructed of plastic, stainless steel or rust-proofed steel. Straight or vertical. Regardless of dimension or location of use these doors can fit.  You will receive a bespoke top quality door made to suit your requirements.

Interior Heavy Duty

Adaptable motorised indoor roll-up door with an opening rate of 1.2 meters per secondly. Automatically transfers itself if impact must occur. Independent frame. Requirement wind resistance of 60 kph. Higher wind resistance on demand. Totally enclosed devices. Standard measure to 4.5 m x 4.5 m.

Exterior Heavy Duty

Versatile motorised outside fold-up door. The opening rate of 0.8 meters each second. Requirement wind resistance of 100 kph. Greater wind resistance on demand. Drape with solitary or double skin, opaque or transparent. Still providing the unique advantage of the Nergeco curtain. Fully confined mechanism. Independent structure. Typical evaluate to 10m x 10m.

Effectiveness And Safety In Everyday Work  

With no stiff ballast bar, no inflexible transverse discovery part and no drape hostage in its slides. This makes the flexible closing edge quick acting and easy in its slides. It can distort both up and down and horizontally and is directly responsive over the last 40 cm.

If touched while a car is passing through, it moves with the vehicle flat without the least resistance. It directly registers this uncommon distortion and right away withdraws by itself above the barrier. It reinserts itself in its slides at the following cycle with no activity having to be taken if dislodged by a lorry.

On each accessibility, the door opens up at the last moment. This is done without creating a threat if touched. After that closes again at the same speed - two times as quick as common doors - without jeopardising customers, cars or packages. 

Mishaps and manufacturing stoppages are lowered. By reducing the time it is open, it additionally minimises energy usage and the dangers of air exchanges. This is the Nergeco Intelligent Curtain.