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Automatic Door Maintenance

Right here at  Automatic Doors Experts, we are passionate regarding the safety and security of door systems throughout the UK.

Your Automatic Doors Experts maintenance contract provides for:

  • Automatic swing, slide and hinged doors
  • Powered commercial doors
  • Powered and hands-on roller shutters

Repair and maintenance Of Automatic Doors

Do you have automatic doors at your facilities? This is typical in stores, resorts, financial institutions, factories and other commercial outlets. You should check the doors regularly to guarantee their safety and operation.

If you fail to preserve and repair automatic doors, you could be in trouble.  As a company that does not offer a secure workplace to your workers and you can invalidate your property insurance. If a customer ends up being injured as a result of a poorly operating automatic door, you might be taken to court.

We do not advise that you try to carry out the assessment or fixing of any automatic door on your own. To stay clear of any legal action or injury on your properties, call Automatic Doors Experts today.

It is important to choose the best automatic door maintenance. You will need to ensure your financial investment is secured by a preventative maintenance. This needs to be combined with reactive servicing assistance, throughout the lifetime of the product. 

We know that your company has to stay open up to clients during correct times. Safety and security have to be a concern for all. That is why our devoted service and maintenance division is relied on by our clients.

We work with top-level sellers, financial institutions and supermarkets. We also work with smaller services to obtain the work done in an efficient, risk-free and prompt fashion.