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Kelley Loading Dock and Warehouse Solutions

Kelley became a leader in dock industry with the invention of the very first dock leveller. Through enthusiasm for engineering, Kelley progressed to generate a detailed portfolio of services.

These solutions consist of a line of hydraulic, air-powered and mechanical dock levellers. They design vehicle restrictions to avoid trailer creep and provide safety. Their incorporated control systems are ideal for efficient use, energy saving dock seals and shelters. They also produce HVLS Fans and a complete selection of ergonomic lift tables.

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The Kelley brand name was developed in 1953 with the creation of the world's initial counterbalanced dock leveller. Today the Kelley product includes dock levellers, car restrictions, incorporated control systems. They also produce dock seals and sanctuaries, HVLS storage facility followers, ergonomic scissor lift tables. They provide a full range of product or services. These are specifically developed to support customers' sustainability requirements.

Among the biggest difficulties dealing with business is ways to adapt. Businesses need to be aware of constantly transforming market forces in an affordable manner. Companies can usually attain functional effectiveness by decreasing redundancy and waste. This can be done while leveraging the resources that contribute most to their success. 

Companies should utilise the best of their workforce, modern technology and organisation procedures. Streamlining the core processes in your storehouse and filling dock is a vital item of that puzzle. Selecting the best loading dock tools could help you:

  • Lower your lifetime expense of ownership of devices
  • Minimise cycle time of trailer loading/unloading
  • Effectively series packing dock equipment and dock doors
  • Boost trailer scheduling
  • Enhance trailer administration within the lawn

Improve operational efficiency with these Kelley remedies:

Development has been a Kelley brand legacy since 1953. They provided the world's initial counterbalanced dock leveller as well as the initial air-powered dock leveller in 1994.

Today the  Kelley line includes dock levellers,  trailer restraints and dock bridges.  They offer integrated control systems dock seals and shelters and HVLS storage facility fans.  Kelly also manufactures a complete variety of products and services. These are specifically made to sustain consumers' sustainability campaigns.