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Dynaco High-speed Doors

Dynaco high-speed doors are developed with complete safety in mind. The design stays clear of dangerous lower edges or rigid bars. It is straightforward: no hazardous parts in motion mean improved safety for your employees. 

The adaptable, lightweight door curtain that gently folds itself also contributes to your safety. Dynaco doors are fast to open and close. These are perfect for an extreme traffic where speed helps your productivity and performance. You should never experience operations stagnation.  You ought to reduce costs in total environmental control, no matter what your requirements.

DYNACO high-speed industrial doors enable energy and cost savings. They also allow enhanced site traffic flows, production and logistic activities. Our high-speed roll-up doors are risk-free, reputable, maintenance and user-friendly. They all satisfy the requirements of the European basic EN13241-1.

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Combine Speed With Safety

Mount Dynaco M2 emergency flexible roll up doors in your commercial structure and abide by safety regulations. Made for intensive traffic moves, this high-speed roll-up door additionally supplies a fire escape.

The flexible PVC door curtain of this emergency situation broadband roll up door has an inventive T-shaped cut in the centre. When a person pushes on the shown release areas the curtain splits into two symmetric flaps and the emergency exit opens up.

Integrated Emergency Exit

As soon as opened up, the flaps of the fire escape could conveniently collaborate again with a large zipper. It only takes a couple of minutes to make the flexible high speed roll up door totally functional once more.

The distinct push-pull innovation is combined with a low number of components. This makes reduces maintenance needs. The self-reinserting versatile door drape minimises downtime. The high-speed door is back in action quickly in case of an unintentional collision.

Dynaco high-speed doors are built with a very tiny impact; they take up a minimum of the valuable floor area. They are basic to operate, with the activation of your selection.

Dynaco doors are created to seal on all 4 sides. This offers a barrier versus dirt, dirt and impurities in unique applications such as drugs or food manufacturing. Effective seal and full self-reparability are a special mix in the sector. Of course, all Dynaco items follow the EN12341 EEC requirements.

Dynaco has certain items and various area experiences to fulfil specific needs. This includes freezer, clean room, big very subjected outside openings. These doors are used for industries such as food, pharmaceutical, health, car, high technology, farming, waste, steel, retail and department stores.